K. Yuwarajan N. Karpaiya

He has been keen in challenges faced by corporations in the area of Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Information Technology, An Entrepreneur who runs various business portfolios in which some includes Digital Security Consulting, Internet Marketing Company and his latest venture into Bitcoin Exchange in Malaysia. Co-Founder and CEO of Xbit Asia Sdn Bhd, currently consults and
coaches on the topic of Digital Currency and the Blockchain Technology . He also consults in the areas on Digital Security, E-business services and Business Management Coaching.

A MBA candidate specializing in International Marketing, Yuwarajan has also done
studies on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Yuwarajan brings into his class – not only a strong sense of enthusiasm on the issues discussed but also energizes the training sessions with powerful updates on global issues.

His enthusiasm in the field of IT security led him to join EC-Council (US) as a professional training consultant, specializing in the field of Computer Forensic. On behalf of EC-Council he has conducted a series of workshops & training in countries like, Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Philippines,  Thailand and Mexico. He has also been invited as a Guest Speaker in Astro Knowledge Show On Channel 6 to Discuss Issues relating Global Security and Hacking.

To date, Yuwarajan has trained more than 1000 people in the areas of business management and ICT security.