Elizabeth Tan

Armed with a degree in Communications and English Language, Elizabeth handles content specifically for the online consumption of legal information. This includes the Asia Law Network resource site as well as publishing vetted legal content across various social media channels in collaboration with law firms and partners.

Elizabeth works closely with lawyers in the region to create content that is relevant to their practices. Her experience in helping curate content that are highly specialised and making them easily understood by the man-on-the-street is deeply valuable. She endeavours to expand Asia Law Network’s mission of access to justice by enlarging its digital footprint and drive more value through online content.

The Asia Law Network platform has grown to include meaningful ways to use technology to power pro bono cases, in collaboration with Law Society’s Pro Bono Office, as well as a client management system which will redesign lawyer-client interactions. Communications is at the heart of the mission and Elizabeth infuses the team with her exuberance and care through her words.