Thomas Giglione

Thomas is an accredited Mediator with the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam and a court-appointed Mediator in the Supreme Court of Ontario, Canada. He has been featured as a Guest Lecturer at Hanoi Law University and Judicial Academy as well as at York University’s Faculty of Law in Toronto, Canada.

His professional memberships include the Internet Bar Association and the Legal and HR Training Committee at the European Chamber of Commerce. He is also a Mediation and Arbitration Committee Member at the International Bar Association.

Thomas has been featured as the Podcaster Interviewer for Law Tech’s Lawyer of the Week podcast. In addition to being an Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator with the World Mediation Organization and University of Windsor Faculty of Law, Thomas has written on the topic of law tech and
online dispute resolution on LawTech.Asia.

Thomas has been invited as the Keynote Speaker on the topic of Online Dispute Resolution and Legal Smart Contracts at conferences, including the Asia Pacific Mediation Conference in Da Nang Vietnam, the HR Best Practice Forum in HCMC speaking about the use of ODR platforms for HR Management and the GMS Rail Expansion Summit on resolving cross-border construction disputes using online dispute resolution platforms.

Contact information:
WhatsApp or Telegram at +84 1265539748 or email
[email protected]